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Reactive v’s Creative Leadership

In a recent team coaching session, we learnt about reactive versus creative leadership. which is all about how you to chose to react to a situation. Creative leadership is about asking questions, listening and playing back what you have heard, without indulging in your own thoughts, assumptions and position, just being present. Reactive leadership is where you act defensively and are centered in your own thoughts and not present for others.

The terminology resonated with me and has been work in progress for a number of months now. I definitely feel as if my connections with others is far richer as a result of the creative leadership mindset. Cannot recall a reactive leadership moment in recent times! Its also a great opportunity to learn, when you are in creative leadership mindset you are open to learning new things where as reactive you are locked into your thoughts.

Actively seeking out information that challenges your thinking also feeds into the Creative leadership, being open that their is other perspectives and that there is no right or wrong.

When were you in a reactive leadership position? Did you achieve the outcome you were looking for? What could have you achieved with a Creative leadership mindset?

Personal development

Setting precedence

Throughout my career the lens of setting precedence has been a key to success. I always ask, if I say yes to this what is the consequences? If I say no, what message am I sending?

Every day I apply this rule to whatever I am doing. Generally employees are looking for a yes answer to please their customer. Respect comes from setting boundaries and clearly stating the No position, where the commercial ramifications don’t make sense.

In any business there are bottlenecks, when the process is clear then the process is manageable, when the customer enters the process signing a document that outlines any delays may mean going to the back of queue, which equates to a painful delay, they take the signing of the document seriously. The same message verbally may not have impact. In fact has no impact as they are not committed.

When we make allowances, even when financially it does not make sense, we remove the barrier and the new the standard is set, proving the barrier can move. Now you are in trouble as you have no way of resetting as you have moved it once.

When the requests are financially impactful to your business, you are now in territory known as “what has no price has no value” where you are taken for Granted And the situation is financially unsustainable. The only answer as you now have a precedent that is challenging is to rip the band aid off and have the honest conversation, resetting the boundaries that should have been there from the outset.

The rule of precedent is simple, stick to the position where commercially it makes sense, as when you move, there are no boundaries left and you are now in a disrespectful, subservient relationship, which will result in further requests, as you have shown the boundaries move.

Where have you seen precedents set that are unsustainable? What was the impact? What was the outcome? What was the learning? What would you do differently? what was the impact on the cx?

Personal development

How it feels when someone listens

Today I was speaking to a colleague and I remembered the first time I met him on his first week with the company. Our first one on one he commented on my fearless challenges, he sensed my frustrations and wanted to know what would happen if we did not act. I was shocked at his observation and his keenness to understand the situation. He put me at ease with his calm voice. I will never forget how he made me feel and how he supported me. What surprised me the most, was how open I was with him on our first meeting.

Twelve months on I was giving him feedback and recalled that time as if it was yesterday. My reflection is what a powerful impact we can have on others. I will ne ever forget how he made me feel.