The Blog

In 2015 my husband suggested I wrote a blog on the topics that many people call me about: general business, sales, career development, leadership and personal development.

I love helping others to realise their own potential, so I am always delighted when I receive a phone call to meet up and discuss what ever is top of mind for the individual.

100 blog posts posted and another 100 half written, I am pleased to share my personal stories of the lessons I learn everyday working in business with amazing people. I am constantly inspired and learning important lessons in life from those around me.

Coaching and mentoring others is a privilege, for me it connects me with purpose in life, which is immensely fulfilling. After a coaching or mentoring session, I reflect on my own journey and how I dealt with similar situations, this is often the source for inspiration for my blog.

I work full time in a corporate sales leaders role. In Jay Shetty’s words I have found purpose in my role. Sales leadership gets a poor wrap and rightly so given the recent poor behaviour by corporates.

You can achieve far more coaching your team to success, in a supportive environment than the old school methods. It also supports a diverse sales team who respond well to servant leadership. The diverse values prevents the poor behaviour, every corporate should take a hard look at the diversity of sales teams and sales leadership.

Thank you Andy (Hubby) for encouraging me to blog. Without your encouragement, I would not have embarked on this journey.

I hope you enjoy reading the blogs.