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Eckhart Tolle New Earth

Just finished reading this life changing book. Understanding ego, how it works and why we get ourselves into situations where we are unhappy.

Our ego is our identity, without it we believe we are nothing. The reality without it we are happy people who can be present. So how does ego show up?

Eckhart Tolle uses examples and stories, that help you recognise where ego gets in the way of happiness.a new earth

Our image of ourselves is derived through where we live, the car we drive, the gym we join, telling others who we know, our celebrity encounters, what we know, our experience, qualifications and the list goes on. We believe we need these to be successful, but what is success if you get there are you are having no more fun!

“Nonresistance, nonjudgement, and non attachment are the three aspects of true freedom and enlightened living.” Summarised beautifully by Eckhart.

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This is a book on spirituality and is not a religious book. There are references to religion only.

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The five levels of attachment

imageJust finished reading The Five Levels of Attachment Toltec Wisdom for the Modern World with don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Being a yogi for over 10 years, I though I understood attachment. Through the many operations I have had in the last 6 years; ear,shoulder and feet, I have learned that what I was able to do 12 months ago, I cannot expect to do for some time if ever and with this process I have learned not to be attached. I have celebrated every success in regaining postures, regardless of how minor the achievement has been.

As I said I thought I was doing well until I read this book, I realised that I have a long way to go!

The book is split in to chapters that reflect the 5 stages (See below) of attachment and uses someone attending a football game to describe the persons behaviour in relation to the game. Easy to read and understand.

Level 1: The Authentic Self.
Level 2: Preference.
Level 3: Identity.
Level 4: Internalization.
Level 5: Fanaticism

Many of the world issues today are related level 5.  Looking back on my earlier career I can see I was at level 3, what I did was my identity, I am questioning is this still the case?

Enjoy the read and more importantly the self reflection.