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To be an effective leader you need to slow down

Words I have heard many times. For many years I thought that I was productive and a great leader. On reflection the failings of working at speed are many, here are a few:

  • slow downDon’t listen properly
  • Don’t take time to connect with others. John Maxwell in Great leaders ask great questions refers to his lack of awareness regarding connecting with others.
  • Don’t take others on the journey
  • Impossible to collaborate when you are going at 90 miles an hour and often have reached the decisions before others
  • You are seen as rushed, as if you have no control
  • Take away from your team as you often taken on too much, when the team can benefit

How do you break the cycle?

  • Take time off and delegate projects whilst you are away. When you get back progress will be made without you.
  • Once back continue to delegate more and more.
  • On the balcony, on the dance floor a key to adaptive leadership. Spend time thinking strategically about the overall organisation not just your area!
  • Ask others to hold you accountable if you are going to fast.
  • Work from home, so you are not call and the team supports each other, rather than coming to you as default

When you break the cycle of speed, you empower you team and you are far more effective leader. You create better connections inside and outside the organisation which leads to better collaboration and more success.




By angelalovegrove

Angela has over 20 Years International Business Leadership experience in Technology sector working across the Financial Services, Government, Telecommunications, Construction, Mining, Consumer products, Retail, Not for Profits, Manufacturing and Health

Angela has led the setting up of technology start ups including fund raising - Quofore Europe, Asia Pacific, Masterpack Europe, Tenuteq Europe, High growth leadership Quofore Asia, Australia, nbnco Business and Transformation leadership at Telstra Business NSW Australia.

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