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In June 2015 I wrote about DAVID THODEY’S LEGACY. I have now had the experience of working for Bill Morrow. Bill is an extraordinary leader who has the people at the heart of the business. His Q&A sessions with staff all hands and leadership conference, were always filled with questions as staff lived the value of ‘being fearless’. Bill loved the interaction and genuinely welcomed the questions.  He made everyone feel important.

Bill was big on strategy “9 million happy homes by 2021”  SMART and everyone in the company knew the strategy. The simplicity, communications, lanyard pins for each 1 million achieved. Brilliant. leadership legacyNever worked in organisation with such a clear purpose.

Self Healing was Bills passion, he wanted not to band aid issues but fix permanently by getting to the route cause.  The Business Process Engineering rigour and tools throughout the company I have never seen before. Scaling can only be achieved with this rigour.  Bill lived and breathed the Scaling disciplines.

I have not experienced this, but have heard many stories: When a key decision was being made, his leadership would each be asked for their opinion and then Bill would give his opinion and decision.  Everyone would fall in line and support the decision.

What’s your Leadership Legacy?






By angelalovegrove

Angela has over 20 Years International Business Leadership experience in Technology sector working across the Financial Services, Government, Telecommunications, Construction, Mining, Consumer products, Retail, Not for Profits, Manufacturing and Health

Angela has led the setting up of technology start ups including fund raising - Quofore Europe, Asia Pacific, Masterpack Europe, Tenuteq Europe, High growth leadership Quofore Asia, Australia, nbnco Business and Transformation leadership at Telstra Business NSW Australia.

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